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24 May 2023
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Hisense backlight repair manufacturers Product Introduction
Es-494 LED TV Backlight for Tcl 55 Inch Tmt55p18x4 LED Backlight Strips are long and flexible. You can modify it as required during installation. Our product is shearable. If the length is too long, you can cut it off. If its length is not long enough, you can also combine it with related products and extend it. At the same time, the design of its interface, light distance, and other parameters are consistent with the product, so the installation is very simple. Finally, our products are popular with customers because of their reasonable price and stable quality.
Product Features
Es-494 LED TV Backlight for Tcl 55 Inch Tmt55p18x4 LED Backlight Strips are installed in flexible plastic, and the power path is completely covered, so it has good insulation and water resistance. Secondly, due to its strong weather resistance, it can be used in a variety of environments. The thickened aluminum substrate with good heat dissipation makes it high in strength and does not generate heat after a long time of use, and its service life can reach more than 8 years. Finally, our products use high-quality lamp beads, the light is very soft, won’t hurt your eyes, and is not easy to fall off and safer.
Product Specification
Complete Set9PCS锛?L+1R锛?/span>
PCB MaterialCopper/Aluminium
UsageTV Repair and replacement
Part NumberTMT_55P1_8X4+1X4
Manufacturer Part NumberTMT_55P1_8X4+1X4
TV Panel NumberN/A
Board NumberTMT_55P1_8X4+1X4_2121C_L_4S1P REV.V5
TMT_55P1_8X4+1X4_2121C_R_2S1PX2 REV.V5
Warranty180-Day Warranty
Compatible models
TCL 55P1
TCL B55A769UHisense backlight repair manufacturers