Reyone Electric Low Voltage Three Winding Transformer

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25 September 2023
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Our Factory
We are a professional manufacturer of capacitor and reactor transformers!
Ningbo Reyone Electric CO., LTD was founded in 1996 in Ningbo city, it is a science-and-technology enterprise with the capability of research and development, manufacturing, sales and service in all.
Our technical management team has more than 20 years of experience in R&D, design, manufacturing process and production management of capacitor and reactor transformers.
The main products of our company involve: low-voltage shunt capacitor, low-voltage filter capacitor, integrated intelligent capacitor compensation device (conventional type), integrated intelligent capacitor compensation device (harmonic resistance type), DC support capacitor,DC absorption capacitor, AC motor capacitor, controller, reactor, active power filter, static reactive power generator series and so on , total more than 300 varieties of specifications.
Company has invested nearly 50 million yuan of independent research and development environment of constant temperature and humidity control system, the introduction of domestic and foreign advanced automatic film cutting equipment High precision winding equipment, independent innovation spray gold closed system, pressure testing machine and electric power capacitor Electric power capacitor durability test-bed Capacitor aging test bench ROHS spectrum analyzer and other equipment and production line The annual production capacity can exceed 500,000 units, which is a leading level in the domestic low-voltage capacitor industry.
The whole series of products of the company have passed the power capacitor durability life certification, and it is the first batch of domestic certificate winners. At the same time, the whole series of products have passed the CQC 3C certification, and it is the forerunner of the implementation of national standards and international standards.More than 30 years of concentration has created the unique capacitor manufacturing process of Reyone, which involves all the important processes of the product, condensing the wisdom and efforts of Reyone people.
Product Application
High and low voltage distribution cabinet銆乭ousehold electrical appliances銆乪lectrical equipment銆乭armonic suppression銆丳ower Quality銆乸ower factor compensation and so on ….
Our Certificate
CQC銆?C銆丆VC Durability life certification銆両SO90001, Test report
Production Equipment
Automatic inductance winding machine銆丷CL Meter銆両nductance withstand voltage tester銆両nsulation Resistance Tester銆丏C resistance tester銆丠igh speed automatic punch press for inductance core production銆丒poxy resin vacuum casting equipment銆両nductance automatic foil winding machine銆両nductance full basic data experiment platform銆丄utomatic film cutting equipment銆丠igh precision winding equipment,Independently innovated double-sided gold spray closed system锛孭ower capacitor voltage testing machine銆丳ower capacit